Robin Jones Administrative Assistant

PHONE: (952) 358-7400

V.P. In Charge of Hello (and more)

Robin answers the phone, the front door and a daily flurry of first contact questions. At one point in Ms. Jones’ life, she was on the other end of that law office greeting; she was helped and intrigued. Her natural skills, personal charm and curiosity led her to an Administrative Assistant position at a small family firm. Five years later, she has further refined her skills and duties. Her empathy and concern for our clients makes Robin Jones the indispensable first face and voice of SchindelSegal.

When she’s not making clients comfortable and welcome, Robin’s reading books, growing living things, crafting crafts and baking goodness for her family. And, there’s always a Jeep Wrangler road trip in her near future.



We are accountable to give 100% to our families, clients and colleagues. “Work hard, play hard” isn’t just a cliché for us, it is a way of life.


We are unwavering in our commitment to our profession, clients and colleagues. We relentlessly seek outcome-based solutions both internally and for our clients.


We share a desire to give back to our communities through volunteer and philanthropic activities.


We build and cherish long-lasting relationships with our colleagues and clients. The spirit of friendship is always present in our professional and personal lives.


We strive to be patient, honest and kind to those with whom we come in contact. There is no hierarchy to respect.