Chris Tymchuck Partner

Who is she?

Chris Tymchuck is one of those fortunate attorneys who loves what she does. Ms. Tymchuck works closely with her clients by helping families navigate the legal issues surrounding the illness or death of a loved one. Ms. Tymchuck applies her extensive knowledge to help clients with who need her guidance in planning an estate, obtaining a guardianship or conservatorship to care for ill relative or navigating the probate process after the death of a loved one.

Ms Tymchuck enjoys working with families who own and operate small business. Business decisions affect overall estate planning strategies. Through the creative and holistic approach I use, I can help small businesses make decisions and course corrections that are vital to their personal and financial wellbeing now and in the future. For small business owners, the legal matters I help them with on a day-to-day basis, are inextricably linked to building and protecting the wealth they have worked to hard to achieve by employing proactive estate planning.

Chris got her B.A. from Cal State University, Northridge and JD from Mitchell Hamline School of Law. She is licensed in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.




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