Alysha Keck Legal Assistant

PHONE: (952) 358-7400

Critical Part of Our Family

Our family law department is extremely reliant and grateful for Alysha’s diligent, steadfast and family-friendly support. As a legal assistant, Ms. Keck, works closely with our family law attorneys to provide them with everything needed to fully serve our family law clients. Alysha has proven to be essential to looking after the best interests of clients and keeping us one big happy (family law) family.

By the way, Alysha has another family, which she also loves hanging around. The family dog appreciates the long walks; the whole clan enjoys a good bike ride and multiple trips to the Minnesota State Fair.



We are accountable to give 100% to our families, clients and colleagues. “Work hard, play hard” isn’t just a cliché for us, it is a way of life.


We are unwavering in our commitment to our profession, clients and colleagues. We relentlessly seek outcome-based solutions both internally and for our clients.


We share a desire to give back to our communities through volunteer and philanthropic activities.


We build and cherish long-lasting relationships with our colleagues and clients. The spirit of friendship is always present in our professional and personal lives.


We strive to be patient, honest and kind to those with whom we come in contact. There is no hierarchy to respect.