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May 2, 2022 by SchindelSegal

Mediation vs. Arbitration: Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Nobody likes it when problems arise. We all want to get along, but disagreements–often large ones–are a fact of life, and knowing the best ways to deal with them effectively will keep you on the track to achieving your goals and dreams.  When personal or business disputes rise to the level of getting legal professionals …


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April 1, 2022 by SchindelSegal

How to Build a Successful Landlord/Tenant Relationship (and Why You Need a Strong Lease Agreement)

Owning and operating a rental property is far more than just you buying a building and someone else paying you to live under that roof. When renting a property, landlords and tenants are entering into an agreement with each other, and by extension, a relationship with each other that goes beyond mere transaction.  Rental horror …


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February 9, 2022 by SchindelSegal

Best Practices for Passing On Your Business

When is it time for an entrepreneur to pass on the business, and how do you do it? If you’re a business owner or operator who wants to see your business continue to succeed long into the future, at some point you’ll need to cross this difficult, emotionally-laden bridge. Maybe you’re starting to see retirement …


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