Sell My Business in Minneapolis

We are always sitting on tables with a business owner who has run their course with the enterprise and an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to make the most of it. Our job is to help both parties to achieve their dreams, so they can get on with achieving what they need for the moment. We put together a win-win situation that assesses all your goals so that we can double the likelihood of a successful close.

Everything you should know about selling a business in Minneapolis 

What are the statistics of business sales?

IBBA states that only 10% of business owners want to sell at any given time. This means that there is always a buyer willing to pay top dollar for the same business. It is a brilliant idea to do your research on how to sell my business in Minneapolis to make a successful close. Keep in mind that we are looking forward to the transaction of more businesses, so buyers are looking for an established, organized, and uncomplicated business purchasing process.

What is the reason for selling?

The first consideration is the reason you want to sell the business because people want to know whether you are giving it up for retirement, a conflict of interest, a business crisis, or another opportunity, among many more.

How long does it take to sell the business?

Selling a business can take as short as a couple of weeks to a year, depending on the business’s complexity. It is better to take your time, so you can go over all the details and make sure the process stands out to serious buyers.

What is the sale price?

This case means a business in the real estate industry will have a completely different value than another similar business in the same industry. The process of choosing the business’s value depends on a couple of different variables, such as the total revenue, profit, cash flow, and several others. The best idea is to work with an industry analyst who will account for every detail in your business and provide a realistic value.

How to sell your business? The smart way to do this is to hire professionals who will help you navigate the selling process and do the homework to determine the actual business purchase and sale orders. In the end, you should have professional help with your accounting and taxes, real estate papers, transactions, inventories, and vendor details. The basic algorithms of evaluating a business include the following:

  • The market’s fair value is the price that the buyer and seller agree upon without compulsion or intervention.
  • The intrinsic value is the estimate you would get from the business’s investors.
  • The fair value is the amount that aligns with the legal requirements
  • The strategic or investment value is the estimate among most buyers

Should you hire an attorney when selling your business? Deciding to sell a business will leave you with months of planning, consideration, and legal details. We will assist in negotiating the correct transaction and legal issues when selling a business to close the deal and are open to scheduling an appointment when you contact us or call 952-358-7400.