December 5, 2019

Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring

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Getting a divorce is hard enough without being stuck with a divorce attorney you are not happy with. Here are five questions to ask a divorce attorney to help ensure you have a positive experience.

What are the different types of divorce processes in Minnesota?

Even if you already know that Minnesota has a number of different possibilities for divorce, including summary dissolution and dissolution by joint petition, you should ask a prospective attorney this question. They should be able to fluently explain the differences and say what is likely to be applicable in your case.

How long have you been practicing law?

Everyone has to start somewhere but do you want your divorce attorney to be starting their career with you? Probably not if there is any complexity to your case or chance that it will be adversarial. Don’t be afraid to inquire about their background.

How much will you charge?

This is an important question to ask but if you get a very short answer that makes you very happy be wary. A good attorney will give a more detailed answer that explains the complexities and how the cost depends on how things proceed. The attorney you want is one who is forthcoming about this and makes you feel informed.

Who will work on my case?

It can be distressing to assume someone is going to be your attorney only to find someone else shows up. Often firms have many attorneys, so this is a fair question. Depending on how difficult your case is, you may also want to ask more general questions about the level of tax expertise and expertise in other areas that may arise in a complex divorce.

How do you think my case will work out?

Just like with the question about costs, a good attorney should be able to lay out multiple possible outcomes with the likelihood of each given situation. If your case is particularly simple, an attorney may be able to give you the good news that you can proceed with a summary dissolution. Use your instinct to determine if the answer you are getting is just what they think you want to hear to lock you in as a client, or a reasoned preliminary assessment of your case based on what you have told them.

No matter how simple your situation may appear, having a good divorce attorney helps ensure any agreements presented to the court are in order. If you have questions about getting a divorce, contact the Law Offices of SchindelSegal, PLLC to speak with a trustworthy divorce attorney today.

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