March 16, 2018

Leonard Segal, Jon Schindel & Scott Seiler Each Presented at Minnesota CLE’s 2016 Strategic Solutions for Solo & Small Firms Conference

This year’s Strategic Solutions for Solo & Small Firms Conference was held in St. Paul from August 7-9, 2016.  While the location was new, many things stayed the same, including Lenny Segal presenting a well-attended session on employment law.  This year, Lenny’s topic was “10 Important Employment Law Developments: New Overtime Regulations, New Trade Secrets Act, and Much More!”  As the title suggests, Lenny’s session focused on key employment law developments that attorneys who represent employers or employees need to know and understand.

This year, Lenny was joined by his partners, Jon Schindel & Scott Seiler, at the annual conference.  Jon & Scott teamed up to present “How to Contract With and Manage Your Law Practice Vendors (IT Vendors, Suppliers, Communications, etc.),” a session that was designed to help lawyers work better with their outside vendors so that they can focus on what they do best.

In addition, Scott presented a session on Minnesota’s new LLC law entitled “The New LLC Law – Comparing the New Statute With the Old: What Does It Mean for the Small to Medium-Sized Business?”  For business lawyers, understanding the new LLC law is a must and Scott was happy to have the opportunity to share his knowledge with his colleagues.

The Solo & Small Firms Conference is always a highlight of the year for those of us who work in solo or small law firms.  For more information about this year’s program, click here.