Florida Professional Legal Counsel

Florida Professional Legal Counsel

Lawyers are integral to the effective administration of justice in any society. They are also just as important in other spheres of human endeavor: business, finance, technology, and real estate among others. To keep them functioning at their best at all times, space as well. Lawyers have a lot of responsibilities to perform and to help them do that, bar associations come up with guidelines that help members of the association maintain professional conduct at all times.

Here are some legal guidelines for the FL Bar Association:

General Principles

A lawyer is both an officer of the court and an advocate and should strive to uphold the honor and dignity of the profession, avoid disorder and disruption in the courtroom and maintain a respectful attitude toward the court.

A lawyer is expected to adhere to all express promises and agreements with other counsel, whether oral or in writing. They are also expected to be courteous and civil in all professional dealings with other persons. Say for instance a lawyer is involved in buying investment property in FL, the lawyers should act civilly regardless of the ill feelings that their clients may have toward others.

Scheduling, Continuances, and Extensions of Time

Lawyers should cooperate when conflicts and calendar changes are necessary and requested. They must communicate with opposing counsel before scheduling depositions, hearings, and other proceedings to schedule them at times that are mutually convenient for all interested persons.

A Florida professional legal counsel should never request a calendar change or misrepresent a conflict to gain an advantage or delay. However, in the practice of Florida property and real estate laws, there will be emergencies that might affect personal and professional commitments and cause conflicts that make requests inevitable.

This is where cooperation comes in.

Service of Papers

A Florida professional legal counsel should not serve papers in a manner that inconveniences an opponent or takes advantage of a situation going on in their lives. Papers should be served

personally, by facsimile transmission, or by electronic mail. Consequently, facsimile equipment and email systems should not be turned ‘off’ during a Florida professional legal counsel’s usual working hours to prevent opposing counsel from communicating or serving papers.

Written Submissions

Lawyers should endeavor to simultaneously provide copies of any submissions to the court (correspondence, memoranda of law, case law, and so forth) to an opposing Florida professional legal counsel by substantially the same method of delivery by which they are provided to the court.

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