December 13, 2019

How Meditation Can Limit Stress and Minimize Costs in a Divorce

Can Meditation Limit the Stress of Divorce? | SchindelSegal, PLLC

The stress that stems from divorce can seem insurmountable. However, beyond the separation from someone you once intended to spend the rest of your life with, the staggering costs can add up quickly. The stress and costs can quickly spiral out of control if things are not handled civilly through divorce mediation. There may be complications due to work, the age or number of children, or even if the divorce stems from someone re-discovering their sexuality.

The Stress of Divorce

Chronic stress due to divorce starts from two sources: known stressors and unknown stressors. The known stressors include:

  • Finding an affordable attorney
  • Loss of a partner
  • Starting a new life and moving on
  • The life circumstances that led up to the divorce
  • Your children’s reaction and potentially spending less time with them

These are all things that are most likely guaranteed to happen during a divorce. However, the unknown stressors come from areas in your life where they are far fewer certainties:

  • How will friends and family react (especially if your spouse is well-liked)?
  • How will you make ends meet with less income?
  • Is your divorce lawyer reputable?
  • Will the settlement be fair?
  • Who will get what?
  • Will your kids feel they are to blame?

As these stressors begin to add up, it can become harder and harder to feel a stable foundation under your feet. If enough of these stressors are present in your life, the pain can also go beyond emotional and begin to affect your physical well-being.

Limit Stress with Meditation

When stress becomes too much for you, consider meditation as it is something simple that you can do right away to reduce your anxiety levels immediately. Experts agree that meditation manages stress and can cause you to sleep better, causing you to feel more content and capable of staying in control of life’s chaos.

Minimize Costs

When people find themselves unable to work through the amount of stress they are facing, they often seek help in therapy, support groups, and prescribed medication. While these are great ways of reducing the weight of your anxiety, they can also be expensive. In addition, searching for the right therapist or support group can take months to finagle onto their crowded schedule, and even longer if you discover your first therapist or support group isn’t the right one for you.

Meditation, however, can both stymie stress and lessen financial and time-related costs. Those who practice meditation don’t just reduce their mental health-related spending, but they also decrease the total amount of money they spend on all healthcare. Meditation not only causes you to feel better but to spend less money on healthcare as well.

Handle Your Divorce Calmly

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