February 10, 2020 by seilersc

Antenuptial Agreements Explained

An antenuptial agreement, otherwise known as a prenuptial agreement or prenup, is a contract made between two individuals who are planning to get married. Antenuptial agreements are documents that set forth the rights of each spouse and the property division in the event of a divorce. Antenuptial agreements can also address a number of issues that …


February 3, 2020 by seilersc

What is the difference between legal separation and a divorce?

While marriage can be a romantic celebration of a couple’s love, it is also a legal contract. An official marriage recognized by the government entails a marriage license or certificate, which is then made public record. By getting married, spouses are afforded some benefits while taking on particular responsibilities. A marriage contract plays a significant role …


January 24, 2020 by seilersc

Is There Alimony in Minnesota?

Contemplating divorce raises many issues including the question of whether alimony is allowed in Minnesota. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the process and how payments are determined. Is Minnesota an alimony (aka “spousal maintenance”) state? Paying or receiving alimony is possible, as courts in Minnesota can order one spouse to make payments …