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Affordable Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Lawyer

When a woman files a complaint about domestic violence, it is our natural inkling to believe them. After all, women have been treated as second-class citizens in many cases historically. Still, we live in a world today where, more than ever, women falsely accuse men of domestic violence. Why do they do this? The primary reason seems to be spite. Indeed, it takes a vindictive spirit to level false allegations against someone of a severe nature just to get them in trouble with the law. Sadly, at RC Enterprise Law, we see this happen all the time! Call us if you are a defendant in need of an affordable Fort Lauderdale domestic violence lawyer.

Why Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale?

If you are from the great state of Florida, then you probably already know that law enforcement and the courts tend to side with the woman in domestic violence cases. In a way, you can understand them. Imagine if a woman truly was being abused and the police and court didn’t believe her; they failed to protect the woman, and she ends up dead or severely beaten a short time later. You can imagine the moral outrage of the public in such a case.

Still, despite this innate desire and responsibility to protect women who claim to have been abused; everyone is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law under the constitution! However, it’s usually the other way around – you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent. It’s not supposed to be this way, and RC Enterprise Law, it won’t be this way! Contact us for an affordable Fort Lauderdale domestic violence lawyer who knows his/her way around the law and around the courtroom.

When you hire a domestic violence defense lawyer from RC Enterprise Law, you get the value of an entire team of attorneys for the price of one. We have a large number of attorneys who specialize in different practices of law, and they all work together to put together the best defense possible for a client. You can rest assured that you will have a competent, dedicated lawyer that fights for you.

What RC Enterprise Law Can Do for You

We’ll bring the truth to the fore. We’ll highlight the circumstances and events that led up to the incident if there even was an incident! One thing about RC Enterprise Law; it is the plaintiff’s job to prove that the defendant is guilty. It is not the job of the defendant to prove their innocence! If there is little-to-no evidence, we will pick their claim apart. Further, if they blatantly fabricated a story just to make trouble for you, we can hold them accountable under the laws of perjury.

Often, the best defense is a great offense. In cases where a woman manufactures lies against a man regarding domestic violence, we’ll bring out her moral character in a tactful but powerful way for all to see. Effectively, we’ll flip the momentum and put her in the hot seat.

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